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Instacall is a powerful cloud contact center platform that helps businesses to deliver better customer experiences everywhere, across any channel. You can improve customer satisfaction and increase business agility with the help of Instacall Contact Center software solution.


How to Use Instacall

Watch the demo video to get familiar with Instacall and its functionalities which will help you to build an effective cloud call center

Core Features


A smart IVR directory will automatically guide callers to the right department or groups of agents.

Call queueing

Call queueing is the most convenient way to decrease waiting time and pre-defined rules or priorities allow you to handle calls effectively.


Provides the customer with the ability to leave a voice message when you are away and you can listen to it directly from the internet browser, anywhere, and anytime.


Callback gives you an opportunity to reach the customers with the inability to wait in line and reply to them at a later time.

Call Forwarding

Optimize customer experience by forwarding incoming calls when you are unavailable during business hours.


Allows announcing your campaign to your all and potential customers via call at the same time.

Call monitoring

Real-time monitoring will enable you to view any call your employees are on and audit their performance to improve your customer services.


You can find several types of reports such as waiting time, missed call rate, and call volume which will help you to make strategic decisions.

Call recording

This feature will enable you to confirm call details and it is a great tool to guide training sessions with new employees.

Use Instacall in the different industries

Pricing for every business, at any stage

  • Cloud
  • 300 AZN
  • Per Month
  • Free 7-days trial
    • Up to 10 agents or users
    • 11 - 24 agents + 50 AZN per user

    • Up to 100 channels

    • make a call
    • receive a call
    • forwarding the call
    • connect to current call
    • pickup current call

    • route to queue
    • go to submenu
    • hang up call
    • return to the calling IVR menu
    • return to the top level IVR menu
    • send to voicemail
    • forward to phone number
    • invoke URL

    • intro message
    • hold music
    • delay message
    • # in queue
    • announcement message
    • callback registration
    • voicemail registration
    • saving # in queue for recall

    • Ring agents in random order
    • Ring all agents simultaneously
    • Ring one agent and progressively include others leading to ring all
    • Ring the next agent in position
    • Ring the agent with fewest calls
    • Ring the agent with least talk time
    • Ring the agent who has been idle the longest time

    • activity dashboard
    • standard reports
    • customizable reporting

    • role
    • extension
    • ring timeout
    • wrap up time
    • reject delay time
    • no answer delay time
    • busy delay time
    • allow outgoing
    • max no answer
    • auto answer time
    • external phone
    • call restrictions

    • create custom status

    • work and non-working days registration
    • holiday

    • customer rate
    • agent rate
  • Organization management
  • FAQ management
  • Outbound campaign
  • Black list maintenance
  • Free-recording 90 days
  • Services
  • 2 times virtual instructor led training
  • 10:00-17:00 support during work days over the platform
  • On-premise
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The Team Behind Instacall

We give a huge importance to the power of teamwork. Therefore, throughout the years of growth, we managed to build a perfect team of motivated and highly skilled IT professionals.

Our experienced and talented specialists always work hard and deliver amazing results, while keeping learning, improving and implementing new technologies and knowledge on the projects as the main principle.


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